The Hebrew term ‘Hamsarah’ is the translation of the term ‘Interpretation’ in the context of museums, heritage sites, and cultural and natural sites. It refers to all actions, which are related to meaning-making in natural and cultural heritage sites.

Interpretation includes all kinds of communication in heritage sites that their purpose is to encourage visitors meaning-making on several levels. The process combines design, architectural, cognitive and emotional aspects, and mediate the institute’s goals to the visitor’s interest and needs.

Interpretation can be based on people (guides, players, artists, storytellers, etc.), on written text (signs, booklet) or on technology.

The Hebrew term ‘Hamsarah’ was defined by representatives of the partner organizations: the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, the National Parks and Nature Reserves, the Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel, University of Haifa, and leading museum people.

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